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Agent Profile

True story: I flew 26 hours to Saudi Arabia to get laid off the same day as my arrival. Some would be shocked, dismayed or at least a little rattled. I was excited.

I had been planning for my career in real estate for years. Of course, in my childhood,  dreamed of the usual careers: Major League baseball player, fireman, and vainglorious bon vivant. I even toyed with becoming a journalist for the Dallas Morning News.

Growing up in Dallas and Saudi Arabia, I have worked in 9 countries other than the United States. I am accustomed to living abroad and have succeeded in areas with radically diverse cultures. Over the years, I have discovered that the key to any new situation is to stop holding back. I get my energy and joy from meeting and getting to know people on a deeper level.

My choice to build a real estate business was based on the the fact that for years I loved to find out peoples’ stories - but the reality is that homes have stories, too. When I go to meet a family in their home for the first time, it is my job to find that story, create a unique marketing plan for that property that will reach out and entice the future owners to grab that property before someone else does.

Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty was the obvious choice for me. It is the only company in South and Central Texas with a true global networking  family. Any given day, we communicate with Sotheby’s offices all over the nation and world. Plus with the website, our company has the number 1 luxury real estate website in the world.

My Name:
Matt Kelso
Born In:
Lubbock, Raised in Dallas and Saudi Arabia
How many countries have I lived in and visited:
9 countries worked in, 22 countries visited

What do you love about New Braunfels?

The diversity in our city. No matter where you come from, New Braunfels welcomes you.